Become A MediaChannel Affiliated Site

Become A MediaChannel Affiliated Site
Become A MediaChannel Affiliated Site

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MediaChannel is the world’s first Internet supersite devoted to global media issues. Media Channel is a not-for-profit public interest project of The Global Center and OneWorld Online.

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We’re excited about your interest in MediaChannel. Participation in the MediaChannel network offers:

Global Distribution: MediaChannel will link to your site, spotlight your content and drive traffic to your pages. Your organization will be featured in our directory, a guide to the largest online network of media-issues groups.
Advanced Searching: our advanced search engine indexes associated sites daily. This leading-edge technology will summarize and keyword every new document added to your site, enabling MediaChannel visitors to make the most of your valuable resources.
Community: our online forums bring together an international community of media producers and consumers concerned with media issues. Community features — including discussion forums, bulletin boards and a media marketplace — offer a way for your organization to connect with other groups worldwide and engage with our audience about the stories, issues, projects and proposals that you are working on and care most about.
There are two ways for organizations to participate in MediaChannel:


MediaChannel operates autonomously from OneWorld Online, with its own board of advisors, and with full respect for credibility, accuracy, and journalistic standards. Groups who are not OneWorld Partners are invited to join as MediaChannel Associates. As a MediaChannel Associate, you will be part of the MediaChannel network, with full access to MediaChannel services. Your content will be featured on the site and you will be able to participate in MediaChannel community activities. To join MediaChannel, click here. (Participation is currently free)


OneWorld Online ( is a global network of over 900 NGOs and not-for-profit organizations dedicated to human rights, sustainable development and the environment. Many groups working on media issues have become OneWorld Partners, such as Index on Censorship, Media Institute of Southern Africa and the Committee to Protect Journalists. OneWorld Partnership includes MediaChannel association, as well as a range of special services and the opportunity to have content showcased on the popular OneWorld supersite. To learn more about becoming a OneWorld Partner, click here.

For any questions about taking part in MediaChannel, please email

Mission Statement is a nonprofit, public interest Web site dedicated to global media issues. MediaChannel offers news, reports and commentary from our international network of media-issues organizations and publications, as well as original features from contributors and staff. Resources include thematic special reports, action toolkits, forums for discussion, an indexed directory of hundreds of affiliated groups and a search engine constituting the single largest online media-issues database.

MediaChannel is concerned with the political, cultural and social impacts of the media, large and small. MediaChannel exists to provide information and diverse perspectives and inspire debate, collaboration, action and citizen engagement.

More than ever before, we are living in a media age and a media world. Nine transnational conglomerates dominate the global media; multibillion-dollar deals are concentrating this power even further. Yet we are also experiencing a technological revolution that empowers independent media, worldwide communication and innovative media projects for everything from community development to political action.

In the current climate, we all need to be aware of how the media operate. Making sense of the steady stream of info-culture requires background, context and interpretation. The vitality of our political and cultural discourse relies on a free and diverse media that offers access to everybody. Journalists and media professionals, organizations and activists, scholars and citizens all need improved access to information, resources and opportunities to reach out and build connections. MediaChannel has been created to meet this need at the dawn of the new millennium.

Produced by Globalvision New Media, a project of The Global Center and OneWorld, MediaChannel is the first media and democracy supersite on the World Wide Web.

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